One Hour Private Lesson: John Lawrence


One Hour Private Lesson: John Lawrence


A one-hour private lesson with owner and head instructor John Lawrence (me!). It’s 2019, and new students are requesting private lessons at a high volume, so I’m opening up my schedule.

Our school is very busy right now, so please message me directly at (216) 262 8468 to schedule your slot. Don’t worry about paying on this page. My schedule has a variety of openings. Early morning, afternoon, early evening, and weekends.

***Cancelation Policy: I don't have the heart to take your money if you cancel your private lesson, regardless of when you cancel. I offer a full refund if you have second thoughts, get sick, or even if you sleep in.

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Controlled Sparring: We spar at an easy pace, and I get a chance to see what kind of game you play. I offer suggestions, improvements, and specific techniques that will make you a more skilled grappler. Extremely effective!

Technique Analysis: Saw a technique on YouTube that you'd like to break down? Let's do it together.

Competition Footage Analysis: Have a match that didn't go your way? Bring in the video footage, and we will break it down minute-by-minute. You'll never make the same mistakes again.

Grappling Dummy: You're a focused, organized student. You've got techniques that you want to drill, but nobody to strangle. Let me be your grappling dummy!

Hard Sparring: Just like it sounds.

Sport-specific conditioning: Can't make it to class anytime soon? Stay in "jiu jitsu shape" anyways! Let me take you through my sport-specific conditioning routine. I have developed this routine over years of competition training. It is simple, effective, and requires very little equipment.