What do we teach?: We teach traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). It is a system of combat that focuses on takedowns, ground control, escapes, and submissions. No striking (kicks, punches, etc) is allowed. Our kids program focuses specifically on self defense and building confidence through overcoming obstacles in class.

When are the classes?:  Monday through Friday at 5:00pm. Kids competition class is Saturday at 9:00am, and is an optional paid add-on to the normal schedule.

What are the ages?:  We accept children ages 5 -`12. There are multiple instructors, and the classes are split into age groups if needed.

Where are we located?:  3328 Warren Road, Cleveland OH 44111.

What's the cost?: Just $95/month for one child, unlimited attendance Monday - Friday.
The Saturday 9:00am competition class is an optional add-on for $15/month. Additional discounts available for multiple kids.

Where can I get more info?: Text your question to (216) 262 - 8468, or click the link below. We never spam our customers or use high pressure sales tactics.