Martial arts training in a casual environment

When I was a kid, I begged my parents to sign me up at a local Tae Kwon Do academy. Walking into the school for the first time was intimidating and strange. The place was decorated with pictures of old men in kimonos that I did not recognize. There were many different flags hanging on the wall to which people bowed in sequence. There were tiers of instructors of varying ages wearing different tattered belts, also addressed formally in a specific order. And the place smelled weird. It smelled the way that a traditional martial arts school is expected to smell. Like old pads and incense. A new student is constantly wondering, "Can I step here? Am I supposed to bow to this guy? Is someone going to get mad at me?"

When I opened Hurricane Jiu Jitsu, I wanted to create a casual environment into which a person could enter with the same ease that they would enter a Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee. We teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. That is our product, and we are outstanding at teaching BJJ to new students. There are no formal titles for our instructors. There are no strange rituals that you are expected to perform before stepping onto our mat. We are a bunch of (mostly) normal, intelligent men and women who believe that BJJ is a challenging, fun thing to do.

There's a place for everyone: We train doctors, lawyers, tradesman, teachers, and students. We train beginners. We train hardcore competitors who fight at some of the highest levels in BJJ. Our competition class is absolutely grueling. Our fundamentals class is informative and well paced.

Is Hurricane Jiu Jitsu right for you?

You'll fit right in if you enjoy:

  • MMA, wrestling, or other martial arts
  • a challenging, character-building workout
  • pushing yourself to the limit
  • learning new things
  • hanging out with really cool, relaxed people

You might want to try a different school if you prefer:

  • a very formal environment
  • high pressure sales
  • discussing the lineage of the Gracie family at great length
  • gossiping about other students, instructors, or schools
  • having a 'professor' or guru to look up to
  • association politics, rules, or unquestioning team loyalty

In short, we offer the following:

  • a large, clean, professional facility
  • highly skilled training partners for both the casual practitioner and serious competitor
  • outstanding, friendly instruction
  • reasonable prices

So how do you get started? Send me an email and let me answer any questions that you might have. My name is John and I'm the head instructor at Hurricane. My email address is See you on the mats!