This is our 2019 Curriculum. These techniques are primarily shown at adult Fundamentals and Main Curriculum classes. Techniques in italics have already been covered in this cycle (but might be covered again). Underlined techniques are what we are working on this week. This program is always evolving, so check back here often for changes. We typically cycle through this curriculum twice per year. Enjoy!

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Takedowns and Standing

  • striking concepts

  • clinch concepts

  • grip breaks

  • wrist grab counters

  • rear bear hug escape to o goshi variation (over arms)

  • rear bear hug escape to kimura throw (under arms)

  • front bear hug escape to o goshi variation (over arms)

  • front bear hug escape to o goshi (under arms)

  • standing headlock escape

  • standing guillotine escape

  • standing rear choke escape sequence

  • old school shoulder lock

  • standing wrist lock

  • shoulder trap armbar

  • punch/block to koshi guruma

  • level change to clinch

  • double jab to lead leg single

  • jab cross to double leg

  • osoto gari

  • o goshi

  • double leg

  • single leg

  • arm drag to kouchi gari

  • uchi mata

  • kata guruma

  • duck under from tie up

  • the sprawl

  • the guillotine choke (week of 7/8)

  • the anaconda choke (week of 7/8)

  • the d’arce choke (week of 7/8)

Breaking The Closed Guard

  • establishing top closed guard

  • traditional standing pass (week of 7/1)

  • quick standing pass (week of 7/1)

  • kneeling pass (week of 7/1)

  • log splitter

Passing Half Guard

  • establishing top half guard

  • steamroller pass

  • steamroller to knee slide pass

  • long step pass

Passing Open/Spider/DLR/Butterfly

  • headquarters position and concepts

  • basic pressure pass

  • bull fighter pass

  • hip blast to leg drag (one foot on bicep)

  • speed pass

  • knee slide pass

  • stack pass

  • stapler (week of 7/8)

  • long step from combat base

  • straight footlock

  • knee bar

  • toe hold

Side Control

  • establishing side control (100 kilos, no gi style, hybrid)

  • americana via mousetrap

  • kimura

  • far arm trap submission sequence (kimura, armlock, judo choke)

Knee On Belly

  • establishing knee on belly (week of 6/3)

  • sword choke (week of 6/3)

  • baseball bat choke (week of 6/3)

  • near side armlock


  • establishing mount (all week of 7/22, 7/29)

  • retention concepts

  • americana

  • cross choke

  • armlock drill

  • armlock from technical mount

  • armlock from bridge escape

  • arm triangle choke

  • gift wrap to back take


  • establishing back control

  • retention concepts

  • mata leão

  • two lapel choke

  • bow and arrow choke


Closed Guard

  • punch/block drill

  • triangle choke (from punch/block)

  • omoplata (from punch/block)

  • armlock (from punch/block)

  • armlock (from technical trap)

  • triangle choke (from push/pull)

  • omoplata (from overhook)

  • hip bump sweep

  • kimura

  • scissor sweep

  • cross choke

  • arm triangle choke from throat crush

  • butterfly sweep from head and arm stack

  • can-opener defenses

  • shoulder trap armbar from head grab

  • waiter sweep from standing

  • airplane sweep from standing choke

  • double ankle sweep from standing

  • arm drag to back

  • arm drag to pendulum sweep

  • wrestler sweep/escape

Half Guard

  • establishing bottom half guard

  • reclaiming full guard

  • reclaiming butterfly guard

  • knee pick sweep

  • taking the back

Butterfly Guard

  • establishing butterfly guard

  • basic butterfly sweep

  • arm drag to back

  • x guard transition and sweeps (MG and single leg)

Open Guard

  • establishing open guard

  • airplane sweep

  • double ankle sweep

  • triangle choke

  • omoplata

Side Control

  • establishing bottom side control

  • hip bump to reclaiming full guard

  • fork lift escape

  • underhook to single leg escape

Knee On Belly

  • establishing bottom knee on belly

  • hip bump to technical stand up escape

  • knee cup to underhook escape

North South

  • establishing bottom north south

  • chin push to spin escape

  • knee and elbow frame escape


  • establishing bottom mount

  • trap and roll escape (overhook from upright)

  • trap and roll escape (gable grip from upright)

  • trap and roll escape (sleeve grip from upright)

  • trap and roll escape (from cross face)

  • 13 steps escape

  • elbow escape

  • foot trap to half guard


  • establishing back defense

  • shoulder blade walk escape

  • arm over shoulder escape

  • foot and leg lock options