One Hour Private Lesson: John Lawrence

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One Hour Private Lesson: John Lawrence


Do a solo private lesson for $75, or bring a buddy and pay only $60 ($30 each). The bring a buddy option is cheaper because you can practice moves on each other, and I don’t get beat up too much.

If you see the date listed below, it's available. Go ahead and book it! If you have any questions, please email me at, or call/text 216 262 8468.

***Cancelation Policy: I don't have the heart to take your money if you cancel your private lesson, regardless of when you cancel. I offer a full refund if you have second thoughts, get sick, or even if you sleep in.

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Controlled Sparring: We spar at an easy pace, and I get a chance to see what kind of game you play. I offer suggestions, improvements, and specific techniques that will make you a more skilled grappler. Extremely effective!

Technique Analysis: Saw a technique on YouTube that you'd like to break down? Let's do it together.

Competition Footage Analysis: Have a match that didn't go your way? Bring in the video footage, and we will break it down minute-by-minute. You'll never make the same mistakes again.

Grappling Dummy: You're a focused, organized student. You've got techniques that you want to drill, but nobody to strangle. Let me be your grappling dummy!

Hard Sparring: Just like it sounds.

Sport-specific conditioning: Can't make it to class anytime soon? Stay in "jiu jitsu shape" anyways! Let me take you through my sport-specific conditioning routine. I have developed this routine over years of competition training. It is simple, effective, and requires very little equipment.